Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Longing for needles

Man do I miss knitting. I haven't knit in a full week, which although it doesn't sound like a very long time, feels like an eternity. My boyfriend and I moved last weekend, and with all the box packing, car loads from one place to the next, unpacking and cleaning, there hasn't been much time left over for much else. Before we moved, I had the luxury of being a very short 1.8 miles away from work, so I was able to go home for my lunch breaks. Our new place is a bit further away (10 miles, maybe) which in a environmentally friendly way makes my lunch breaks at home a thing of the past. This week I have spent my lunch breaks going back to the old place, doing laundry (we don't yet have a washer and dryer in the new place) and doing small cleaning projects to make this weekend's cleaning frenzy a bit less tedious. This morning my longing to knit took over, and I packed up a bag with a project and some lunch and headed to work.

I'm working on a pair of wrist warmers. I'm making them in a beautiful burgandy color, and so far I just love them (well, one of them anyway, that's all I've started). This is my first project that involves scary things like thumb holes, so I had paused on it for a long time when I got close to doing something new and semi-frightening. Once I read through the directions a million times I gained a tiny ounce of confidence and went for it. It's just yarn right? I can always (heaven forbid) start over if I mess it up somehow. So the thumb is all tied off and waiting for me to finish the palm before I come back and tackle the strange and new directions. Should make for some good lunch time entertainment!


  1. Thumbs aren't THAT scary, you can do it! You've already done the hard part of making the slanted increases before you slipped it off to the scrap yarn. If you ever feel you are getting ready to do something you aren't sure of and may have to rip it all out, thread in a safety line so if you screw up, you can rip it all out and start back at the same spot. Happy lunch time knitting! I'm so jealous!

  2. there was no slanted increasing of anything when i did it...oh crap. lol it just said to slide the stitches off onto scrap yarn...hmmm...oh well.