Tuesday, February 23, 2010

...and away we go!

So at the (um, slightly constant?) urging of my friend Cassie, I have started a blog. Finally. I seem to be one of these slightly behind the curve people where the internet is concerned, but I come around eventually. I think I decided it would be fun to blog when I started reading Crazy Aunt Purl's blog. While extremely bored at work, I managed to read from the beginning to current (that's like 4 years of blogging!!) in just a few months, and it was interesting how the words of a total stranger actually inspired, motivated, and entertained me. I thought I might try my hand at it...not that I really expect that much inspiration or motivation will be oozing out of these posts, but hey! as long as we are having fun, it's all good.

To jump right into it, I'm a crafter. Have been for as long as I can remember. I've always loved making things I thought were pretty (whether or not anyone else agrees is always up for debate). I couldn't get enough crayons, markers, colored pencils or paints when I was a kid. Remember those big posters you could color in that had that black fuzzy stuff all over them? They were one of my favorite Christmas gifts as a kid. Loved them. Of course, it took a little finesse to not get all that black stuff on the marker tips, ruining them, while still coloring in all the way to the edge. I have gone through a few crafting obsessions: "quilting" (more on that later), scrapbooking, card making, stamping, jewelry making, painting, sewing, refinishing old windows, turning trash into treasure, etc, etc, and now knitting. I learned to knit about 6 years ago from a co-worker, and probably would have started the obsession then if it hadn't have been for the dauntingly large blankets I was making to get REALLY good at garter stitch. It got boring, and fast! Fast forward a few (ok, like 5) years, add a printer issue stalling my scrapbooking creativity, toss in some yarn talk from Cas, and the obsession with knitting was reborn, in a much better (and less tediously boring) way! Knitting has re-inspired the crafter in me!

I am, of course, more than just a craft-lover, so stick around, this is only the beginning!

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  1. Congrats on the blog! The first time nagging has actually paid off in my favor. Have fun spilling your guts for the masses to see. (once anyone realizes we are here) HAPPY KNITTING!